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    Kim Sa Company Top Growth Partner Award in 2018
    16:52 - 2019/01/18

    First of all, on behalf of all employees of Kim Sa Company, I would like to send our sincere and deepest thanks to customers, Thanks for your companionship, cooperation and support has been for our company during the past time.

    We always know that, our customers' support and trust are invaluable assets to our Company, In order to achieve this we are constantly striving, towards the goal of sustainable development, focusing on building customer care policies, bring practical values to always satisfy customers at the highest level in responding to the sentiment and trust of customers.

    In 2018 it was, not only a challenging year but also a year of encouragement for the professional development of all aspects of Kim Sa Company before taking a new path. With the trust, support and sincere feedback of our customers, and partners, we have achieved remarkable achievements in business. The BOD and all employees of Kim Sa Company sincerely thank this trust and support for this precious and most of all this is the motivation for us to grow stronger in the coming years, aiming at bringing our customers, partners and us to reach farther and reach high and more successful.

    Wish customers and families health, happiness, success.

    Best regards!

    Representative BOD of the Company

    (Nguyen Thi Kim Sa)

    Strategic Partners of Kim Sa company