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    1. Our vision:

    • Become a leading company in Vietnam in providing IT products. Bringing customers high-tech solutions, creating surplus value to bring success to customers, to society. Contributing to Vietnam becoming a strong country for trade and information technology applications.

    2. Business philosophy:

    • Each customer is a person, a separate entity, needs to be respected, caring and listening, understanding and serving separately.

    • Sincerely with partners, sincerely with colleagues, together sticking together, contribute to building Kim Sa Company increasingly powerful, fast and sustainable development.

    3. Value to customers:

    • Quality products, 5 star service.

    • Best price.

    • Always ready, on time, promised, on schedule.

    • Many utilities, meet the maximum needs, expectations of customers.

    • Professional services, both before, during and after sales.

    • Develop a comprehensive, comprehensive policy to give customers the best policy.

    4. Core system:

    • Always take the initiative in work, business, communication and other relationships.

    • Always look ahead, build for today but take into account the use, development and meet the needs of change, expand in the future.

    • Each stage, each scale needs a strategy, a new structure suitable. Today's strength is not money, it's the scale but the ability to change quickly, adapt quickly. Reform is the driving force for development, often changing to adapt to changing environments.

    • Deeply to understand the needs, deep to understand customers, deep to understand products, deep to understand services, deep to understand partners, opponents, deep to understand the staff. Statistics, reporting and data analysis are daily work.

    • Innovation, innovation is a vital weapon to increase competitiveness, innovation and innovation that make a difference in every technology, product, service, application, project,... frequent, continuous at all levels from employee to leader.

    • Thinking, acting, doing things must be speedy, drastic and effective. Efficiency is the question as well as the foundation for deciding to perform any task, a project. To work effectively, effective meetings, effective external relations. Efficiency is considered both before, during and after performing any task, task or project.

    • Automate all business processes, apply 100% information technology, software to all business processes.

    • Oriented to creative, professional skills, doing the best even the smallest work in short time with perfect quality./.

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