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    Synology strongly develops data storage solutions
    17:43 - 2018/06/12

    Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a business-only solution, but Synology now offers a small line of consumer products that require storage. Store and access data anytime, anywhere in a private, secure, fast access cloud. According to Victor Wang, Head of ASEAN Regional Sales, Synology, instead of relying on free, low-capacity, unsecured storage solutions, users now have the need to find solutions. more personal, privacy and security. Users also do not have to carry their portable drives with them on the move, because the Synology NAS solution allows data access from anywhere, any device with an Internet connection, and can share one. safe with other users.

    Synology's Synology Disk Manager is the only NAS solution available on the market for Synology Cloud 2 cloud service, where the Cloud Station application comes with Synology NAS for synchronizing your data. between devices, such as PC-laptops / smartphones / tablets. Once configured once, synchronization happens automatically and almost instantly whenever there is a change. For example, you want immediately after taking a picture from the camera phone, that picture will instantly sync to your computer, and the picture will appear on your other phone immediately, and all Automatically, can be installed according to your wishes easily.

    Currently, Synology NAS solutions are sold widely in the market, the current best-selling version is DS218j for families or under 10 users. Synology also has larger size products for word 10-20 users, less than 100 users, and over 200 users, so it is suitable for many user groups or Enterprises in different fields.

    In addition to NAS storage products, Synology also has surveillance cameras and routers, including the Synology family of surveillance cameras, which grew at 500% last year, while the RT2600ac router is also Introduced in Vietnam market. Synology's revenue in Vietnam has increased eightfold in the past four years with an annual growth rate of at least 30%, so in the future Synology will spend more resources for the Vietnamese market to increase its exposure. to promote the cooperation with many segments of customers and promote Vietnamese products to introduce products, towards the production of products increasingly friendly to domestic users.

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