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    Seagate launch 20TB hard drive by 2020
    07:50 - 2018/06/12

    Seagate and Western Digital are currently working on a solution that uses glass instead of aluminum to produce a hard drive. A large hard drive nowadays is often equipped with more hard disks and uses helium. (Helium gas is capable of doubling the hard drive capacity by significantly reducing the mechanical resistance of the hard drive.) However, the ability to improve disk defragmentation has not progressed.

    Hard disk made of glass is harder than aluminum. This helps to produce thinner glassware, and due to the lighter weight, the energy needed to rotate the glass disk is less than the aluminum plate.

    Glass hard disks are also smoother and flatter than aluminum, improving disk defragmentability as data is easily rearranged with higher density.

    Hoya, a Japanese hard disk manufacturing company, created hard disk glass samples of 0.5 mm and 0.381 mm thickness, much thinner than the 0.635 mm thick hard disk is currently being used. Due to a 40% thinner, hard disk, the hard disk of glass will be more stacked, increasing the amount of memory significantly.

    In addition, glass also dilates less compared to aluminum when exposed to temperature. Hard disk glass is very useful with HAMR technology, which uses a laser to warm up a portion of the disk when writing data.

    Nowadays, the cloud services boom has created many comprehensive data backup solutions, meaning that data storage needs will continue to grow. As the cost of hard disk drives and SSDs has decreased, traditional hard drive SSDs are the optimal choice for many people who need to store data. That means the HDD needs to improve its write speed and memory capacity so that it does not lag behind the SSD. The use of glass substitutes for aluminum can give rise to higher capacity HDDs and faster processing speeds. Meet the need for large capacity data storage for individuals and businesses. At present, Seagate is planning to launch HAMR-equipped hard drives in 2018 and launch 20TB hard drives by 2020.

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