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    Juniper's cloud computing strategy
    23:59 - 2018/06/12

    Juniper Networks, a leading provider of cloud computing solutions, today announced a strategy for developing technology solutions. Accordingly, Juniper's strategy for cloud computing includes the "Create new service - Link data center" service. Juniper is applying its expertise in high-performance global networking to help customers redefine the data center architecture. Help customers transform three or more layers of the system into two simple layers.

    Then, Juniper integrates a simple switching environment along with virtualization security services, powerful routing capabilities for interconnection between clouds, and a single "management table" unique to network management.

    In the future, Juniper's "Stratus - Cloud" project will only provide a converged data center architecture, with no separate, and monolithic data centers and can be effectively applied to data centers. cloud of the largest scale.

    Service Deployment - Enhance the global network:

    A ready-made network infrastructure is a key element of cloud computing. Flexible network traffic, priority, user and application traffic will bring flexibility to the network, while maintaining effective control and management.

    To do this, Juniper routers seamlessly connect to the world's largest networks with state-of-the-art network virtualization capabilities, carrier-class reliability. services, services as well as smart applications, and user-level recognition.

    Security Infrastructure - Guaranteed traffic flow:

    Juniper offers a full range of security solutions that help ensure the security of data traffic flowing inside and between clouds, as well as direct traffic to the user. These solutions provide a range of distributed protection features that effectively address security vulnerabilities as well as network layers to ensure the quality and integrity of the service deployed.

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